Stumble, but move on.

The Rain.

Hi guys. Today I’m booking in after a long break.

I’ve gotta say, 4 days really makes you feel like Army isn’t a thing.

But well, good things always come to an end don’t they?

So I’m writing down my thoughts on my last week in OETI. Well, I would say I miss will miss it a lot because I’ll be posted to camp which… well doesn’t have the best of reviews according to everyone I’ve met who’s been there.

I would say this time that I’m truly sad to leave a place in the Army I’ve grown so attached to.

The canteen food is delicious, the cookhouse has its moments of fail but not much..

The bunk, though small, is relatively clean compared to other camps.

The friends I’ve made, despite our differences, were good friends.

So I’m sad to leave. It’s just the case.

So on my last week, I wanna do my best to experience everything my camp has given me properly before I leave.

It’s sad, but happiness and sadness always come together I guess.


Hence the song. HAHA.

Well, there’s nothing much to say, other than that I’m arranging a maid sama song. MEHEHEHE. Gonna be fun, if I don’t give it up halfway I guess.

So for one last time in OETI,

I’m booking in.

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