Stumble, but move on.




Ok HELLO GUYS. This gonna be a new practice each time I post. Gonna try to use Japanese more and more. MEHEHE. Actually the translation to this is pretty simple. I think you can just google translate it. But man, is it hard to use Japanese. I don’t even know if I’m right. LOL. Well, Google translate sorta agrees with my grammar so I guess its ok.

So what’s been up with me for the past few days hmmm?

えへ、私わからない。(ehe, I don’t know.)

Well, just kidding. (冗談だ)

Bahahaha this is so fun.

Maybe it’ll fall into habit, me speaking different languages. I think I should be more proactive in my use of my other languages so they dun rust to oblivion. HAHA. Chinese is easy, cos my camp speaks a lot of it, but Japanese is really hard. BUT, I WILL TRY. COS GOGOGO JAPAN. MEHEHE.

Speaking of my camp, let’s just tell you where I ended up right now. DANG DANG DANGGGGGGGGG DRUM ROLLLLLL

Kranji Camp 2.

BAHAHAHA. Right next to my old camp. But worlds apart.

First of, I just wanna say, I don’t hate my life there.

It’s really interesting, because we actually fix spoilt stuff. And the seniors are nice, especially the people in charge.

So overall, I like life there. BUTTTTT.


But even so I thank my stars that I’m here.

Sungei Gedong sounds like a really sian camp..

Hence, not ending up there is like my greatest boon. So I’m pretty happy with where I’m at now.

Yeah so that’s all. Being a technician is somewhat fulfilling when you successfully fix things.

Meh I think life here would be pretty good. So yay.

Anw, been feeling better about life for quite a while. Though I get pretty sian and tired with my hectic lifestyle back home. But it’s necessary for me to reach where I wanna be. So I just gotta grit my teeth and do it. YEAP.

Oh and I changed my blog theme cos I got bored. HEHE. Though I kinda lost all my widgets… So that makes me a sad sad panda >.<

Never mind. BAHAHA. Not like it matters a huge deal.

The blog theme also sorta reflects where I’m at now. And I can change the background easily so I can set the mood pretty well too. Right now I just love cities in the night. And sunsets… Really reflects my appreciation for such small things now..

So… See you next week I guess HAHA.


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