Stumble, but move on.

The Twilight Shore.

Today I feel… somewhat fulfilled. In the work I have done, in the progress I have made.

Though… My fingers kinda ache a bit. I only realized this when my left hand could barely recall the speed and strength it could when I picked up the guitar after playing piano for the most part of the day. So I guess I should stop, because my mind is getting a bit messy and practising more would just be useless. Time to study. Less physical strain. BAHAHAHA.

Today I feel fulfilled. Yes I do. There’s this image stuck in my head after hearing this song by Joe Hisaishi. Then I close my eyes and think of being alone in that magical place. So surreal, so far away, the shore I’ve never been to. Then I thought, who would be beside me at this fine place?

And the answer that came to me is… Nobody.

There’s this profound magic that happens when you see places like these alone. Just you and the world.

I don’t know but I really loved this image. It was stuck in my mind the whole time I was improvising on the piano.

I hope I find that shore I see in my head. Something that fulfils my dreams of such a shore.

Ah I’m getting too DEEP. HAHA.

Anyway, so that was me ranting about wanting to go some place magical.

So I’ll see you in another post when I’m ready to talk cock about stuff in my life BAHAHA. SEEYA.


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