Stumble, but move on.


I’m blogging here right now thinking of well… nothing really. The unproductive weekend soon became much more fruitful as I sat down with my friends to talk about how we’re all working to achieve something for ourselves during these few years.

It sorta reminded me that there’s better days ahead and I should continue working towards my goals. Time to go through the dry stuff.

And after playing with Yu Hng at his house, I feel more inspired to play. Seeing his fingers fly in weird positions which I never saw made me see the possibilities on the keys which I so thought were getting monotonous.

Well, habits die hard but it’s easy to make new ones. HEHE

Speaking of which, I’ve been making steady progress on Koibumi, so that will be the theme song for this week again. I really like this song because it really gives the feeling of sadness that the character feels. Yanagi Nagi really is good at these type of songs. The moment I listened to this song was the moment I really really wanted to play a piano version of this song. But well, I want to improve my technique and sight-reading, hence I’m doing Animenz’s version. Its hard for a beginner like me but I’ll get there.

Having met Animenz and having heard his advice on music really helped me see how arrangement should be done, and the importance of sight reading and writing things on the staff to arrange songs.

I’m going to try this with my new arrangement of Hitori Ja Nai Yo (The Maid Sama song I told you guys I was arranging a while back). Gonna take a bit of work, but I think I’ll get there.

Alright, time to tell you how I feel now.

I’m feeling better about the coming week because it’s shorter, but I do feel sian to leave home again. But I guess that’s the nature of NS. Gotta keep hanging in there. The sun always comes out after a heavy storm. Gonna keep telling myself that and get through this.

With loads of ranting here =P.

Anyway I’ll prepare to book in now. SOOOO good night and see you guys next weekend.


3, 2, 1.



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