Stumble, but move on.

I’m Not Alone.

I’ve got the book in bluess!!!! T.T. On a side note.. well. I’m really happy with myself this week.

I’ve gotten a cute figurine of Umaru-Chan, from the anime Himouto! Umaru-Chan. Although I didn’t watch it, I really really fell in love with the cuteness of the figurine OMGGGGGG.

Annnnd that’s how 80 bucks flew out of the window today.

On another note, I recently recorded a decent (but not perfect) arrangement of this song up here. It’s really nice, peaceful, and happy. So I’m happy. And my friends approved of it, meaning there are no problems with timing and stuff. SO YAY. Gonna post a perfect version of it soon. So stay tuned =D.

And how I’m feeling now…

I feel lonely.

Really sad at the moment. But I know it’s just the thought of going back to Army that scares me too much.

Gotta press on. Even though things may be hard. Things may be sad. Things cannot always go my way. So I’ve to press on. I can’t afford to lose faith in myself. I’ve come so far.

Andddd that’s it for this week’s ranting I guess.

I should talk about the anime I’m watching now hmm…

I’m currently watching a music anime called Hibike! Euphonium. It’s about girls in concert band. It’s kinda like a… cute, slice of life-y school life drama thingy. Just girls working together towards a common goal. I like that kind of anime because it’s less intense and more fun.. especially after watching emotional anime for the past few weeks.

And I’ll start on Charlotte, Mikakunin, and Sukitte Ii Na Yo (say “I Love You”.) So, I’ve got anime cut out for me. And work too. LOL.

Hmm what should song my next arrangement be? I guess I need to research a bit. Feeling like I need to move away from slow songs for a bit.

Anyway, it’s 9 and I’m leaving for my camp in an hour, so I’ll get to prepping to book in now.

See you guys next week. Or wednesday during my nights out =D.






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