Stumble, but move on.

Rain Rain~


I found this super cool Japanese orchestral thingie by a pianist who did some of the Japanese Folk songs I am currently using for sight-reading material. Did like 2 songs today.

The arrangements are really basic. Cos well, I needa start small. Been postponing my sight-reading training just to bring my technique up to speed, but actually it should have been done in conjunction with my technique practice.

You know, I’m the type of learner who focuses on one thing at a time, so I tend to have problems doing multiple stuff at once. I know myself well enough to know that. But I’m trying bahaha.

Why did I suddenly choose to improve my sight-reading?

Well.. you could say I met a girl who only could read scores.. And being an improviser I couldn’t do a duet with her because I couldn’t read the scores.

SOOOOOO, that’s why.

I want to be able to communicate with all musicians, whether it be those who sight-read for life or those who improvise. So that’s why I’m going to try this out for a while. That’s my goal next year, to sight-read better.

I trust my ability to achieve even though I know I will struggle especially in the beginning.

I guess that’s what’s changed about me. I don’t use fear of failure and shitty thoughts about my ability as a human being to drive me to do work.

I reward myself when I do well, I don’t complain as much when I feel like I did badly, but instead analyze the situation and tell myself I can do better.

I feel that this year I’ve changed much from the boy I was before NS.

Positivity, and an acute appreciation for the small things that make up my life.

And I’m capitalizing on my strengths like analyzing situations. Working on my weaknesses like timing in music and next year, sight-reading.

Honestly I’ve come far for one year, even though much was lost to NS.

Good job Kevin, you’ve done yourself proud. You’ve outdid yourself this year, even though you struggled.

I’m happy with who I am. And I’ll continue to work at my goals, because that’s where I want to go.

I don’t know where its going to take me, but I’ll be damned if its nowhere close to where I wanna be. =)

Soo, updates I guess.

I FINISHED WATASHI NO USO. Finally. All there is to do is to get a good recording in. YAY. To that end, I decided that this song will be filmed on a DSLR (my sister’s) and of course recorded with my condenser mic. I’ve been postponing all this stuff of recording and shit cos I wanted to improve, but I guess it’s time I got around to doing it.

I stumbled upon a rough arrangement of Bravely You among the scores I wrote a while back. I needa start transcribing some songs seriously.

And well, Spud, my doggie, has been all well and good. He’s more obedient but he still pulls occasional stunts here and there. Like biting paint off walls and eating random leaves on the ground. Oh wells. Dogs will always be dogs.

So that’s all for now. I guess I’ll play a bit of piano, read my book and watch Fate Stay Night. It’s SOO GOODDDD. Honestly I like shows which develop character relationships more than those that have LOADS of fighting. Maybe that’s why I’m starting to like the old Fate Stay instead of Unlimited Blade Works. Oh well~ preference I guess. UBW was GORGEOUS though.

Ok I shall hit the piano for a while now before I go.


3, 2, 1 POOF~


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