Stumble, but move on.

Eyes On Me.

Spending a quiet night at home really hits me somewhere in the heart. Listening to some final fantasy music because it’s really great on piano.

This song makes me think about love. About someone I care about I guess. Wanting her eyes to only be on me and no other.

You know I hate the feeling of falling in love. Or maybe just liking someone. I’m not sure if it’s even love at my age or merely infatuation.

But it compels us anyway. To seek someone who would love us for who we are. And sometimes we do stupid things all in the name of love.

To me it’s beautiful, but also painful.

I guess I’m afraid of it.

Yeah haiz. I hope I do get over it though. This fear of mine. It’s no good to stay in my comfort zone all the time and do nothing about my life.

Well I am doing something, but well yeah you get what I mean. MY LOVE LIFE.

Oh well.

I’ll let the melody tell you what my heart cannot. =).



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