Stumble, but move on.

The Name Of Life.


Been listening to a lot of Studio Ghibli OST so yeah here’s some for your hearing pleasure =).

The soundtracks really make me feel a bit like I’m dreaming, in a far far away kinda whimsical world.

I guess that’s the power of music right? =)

I love music haiz.

Sometimes I struggle with it, sometimes it just flows out from my fingers so naturally, I impress even myself.

Today I learnt about the Inner Game. While reading a book called the Inner Game of Music, I realize we always battle ourselves as we strive to achieve something great.

And the voice inside of you saying, no you can’t, no you’re not good enough, what if you can’t make it.

Is all that stops you from succeeding.

I realized I’m an emotional and sensitive person.

Every little thing bothers me.

And sometimes when I’m so caught up in my sadness or happiness, I express it in my music.

It’s beautiful when I enter such a state of complete, free expression.

But it doesn’t occur frequently enough.

I need to practice going into this state.

So yeah, that’s where I’m going now.

Now I miss someone badly. See that’s the thing with me. I’m emotionally sensitive to small things like this.

Both good and bad. Oh well, time to distract myself.


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