Stumble, but move on.

Lost Stars.

Yo. I like this song man. Adam Levine has always been one of my favourite singers. I remember when I was back in Primary school, Makes Me Wonder was the first song by Maroon 5 which really got me into listening to music. Then came my Linkin Park and Boys Like Girls phase. Taylor Swift too.

So many artists have inspired me in the past. I thought I’d go back to those roots today, because I’ve been feeling so uninspired, listening to the same artists over and over.

I decided I’d turn off my handphone for the whole day today.

I’m so frustrated by people not replying and stuff and caught up with meaningless texts that I decided I’m done with this shit. I’m not going to be a slave to my phone any more.

Dumb. That’s all it is. I hate waiting on people’s replies. Especially when I really want one. It’s stupid that I get worked up over nothing.

Oh well. I shouldn’t be so angry haiz.

Okay so I’ll practice now! Good day sirs!

God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young.


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