Stumble, but move on.

The Song Title Makes No Sense.



HEHE. See what I mean.

I realized these few days that I’ve not been myself.

Well, there’s a few reasons.

I think one of them is that I like a girl.


Bahaha. Jokes aside, she made me overthink like how I used to. But not anymore! I will not stand for such nonsense. Wait I’m supposed to be training. I’ll brb. BAHAHA.

Alright I’m back from training. I must say..  I feel the youth coming back to me. I really forgot how it was like to just run and jump and get that adrenaline pumping. Even though I’m not really at my fittest, I still should do it. It’s healthy and it makes me feel good.

Just gotta get past that barrier of not wanting to do it. Once it’s done then it feels great.

So what am I doing now.. Well I’m figuring out how to sight read Eyes on Me. It’s not really working out because the rhythms are so hard to grasp for poor beginner me.

But I guess I really am happy with progress so far.

Sometimes I need to accept that I can’t make big leaps in a short period of time. And I shouldn’t be impatient to learn, because that’s the bane of learning.

Oh well. Today I went to try out some cool pedals at SV guitars.

Stone Grey Distortion by Mad Professor. VERSUS


Honestly I think the mad professor actually holds up pretty nicely against it’s wampler equivalent (if it can be considered such). I would gladly get a mad professor man. But Wampler… is Wampler. LOL. It’s like branding and stuff that makes me wanna go for it. I SHOULDN’T.

Then again I have a crunch box distortion already. And that’s supposed to be pretty badass. OH WELL.

No pedals for Kevin.


These few days been trying to cut cost for the house. It’s a been rough for us now, with China giving shitloads of problems to the financial market. Oh wellz.

I will persevere! Alright, still wanna watch some anime before I sleep so, NIGHTS.

Signing off,



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