Stumble, but move on.



Hey guys~. This song is special to me, because it was the song I hummed myself to sleep in Tekong. That place and this song, as well as the movie, all feel tied together. I was watching this movie on one of my earlier bookouts and I loved the soundtrack so much I downloaded them to my phone, which was new then, so it had little music in it. So this was played a lot while I was there. Its a peaceful piece, and I love how it makes me think of so many memories and images all at once. The vocal version is also quite frankly, stunning. I love it all. The movie felt rushed though, but it was enjoyable =).

For your listening pleasure =).

Down to the more serious things that have happened in the past few weeks…

Recently I joined a band, and we kind of aim to get a busking certificate. I was really stoked for it. Like happy that finally my career can move forward somehow, in however small a way it may be. But then I was disappointed yesterday.

The thing is, I was expecting that the members would be really okay people. Like, besides the drummer who is a bit too intimate for just being acquaintances, I expected the other two to be okay people.

Turns out I was wrong. About one of them I guess.

You see, I can’t work with people who choose to dominate everything and leave no room for others’ input. Those who think they are leading when they are in fact, simply ordering people around to suit their idea of perfection.

That is exactly how my first meeting with one of the two went. He simply ordered and ordered, however contradicting some of those orders may be. Maybe in Church, he may be like, THE BOSS. But not here, and I guess he didn’t realize that.

He also doesn’t realize that music is FREEDOM. The one thing that’s most important for every single musician to understand, was probably not understood by him. He wanted things to be his way, and everything to go strictly by the book. Or the tab. LOL.

So that was my first impression of him. I don’t understand him well enough to seal this as my final judgement. But I think me and Yu Hng really need to speak up and see how it goes from there.

But at least joining this group has taught us several things so far. Like how bands always have their kinks and that, despite all good intentions, some people just can’t work together.

Or like how the horizons out there are more vast than we perceive. How we kind of forget how to dream.

Yeah, those are my thoughts for now. I will leave my mind open to whatever comes after this and, hopefully, we can make something out of it. Maybe it’s just a rough start.

Honestly I wasn’t very happy yesterday, and my mood was bad in general.

Today I went to play a card game with my Sensei (Japanese Teacher) called Machi Koro, along with a few of my classmates and one other girl. It was fun, we laughed a lot, and, though I never won a single game, I totally loved how the day went. It was perfect, we had loads of fun, and I feel revitalised from the bullshit I got thrown at me yesterday. Then I saw things with a clearer mind.

And of course I chatted up the girl, who seems to be quite passionate about Japanese, and well, gaming and anime. She’s interesting =). Well, having a female in any group of guys makes the group a bit more interesting I guess. Even if she isn’t good looking, the group dynamics would still change.

So that’s an update of how my life went over the last few weeks. Thank you for reading this long wall of text! I know I tend to be lazy in posting photos. Probably because I don’t really take any. But thank you for reading! Will update as soon as more interesting things come. But for now, bye bye!

Trust that the stars will light up your path, even if just a little bit.


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