Stumble, but move on.


Hey guys, today will be a short one and I decided to revisit a song that I have been working on for piano for the past 2 years since I started piano. The piece is ending, and I’m both glad and sad at the same time that I won’t be needing to learn anything new for it. I’m doing animenz’s arrangement, so of course, for a somewhat beginner like me, I need a bit of time to get it done. But it’s been fulfilling.

So yesterday during band prac there was this super well-kept man who came in to observe us. He saw my solo and he laughed with me as I played. I was enjoying myself, and it must have rubbed off on him too =).

You see, this is why I play music. To bring joy to others. He asked me this very question right after the prac, when we took a break. And without thought, I told him that. I live for moments where I entertain and bring joy to an audience, to see their smiles and to bring them on a journey. My own story. My own journey.

Yep, so some emo musings before I prac some stuff for Tuesday’s class. But I feel like I need to keep reaffirming my belief and purpose for playing music.

Alright, cya guys. Listen to the soft, mellow voice of Yanagi Nagi, my favourite Japanese singer so far. =D

P.S. I actually want to watch Rewrite (the visual novel which has this soundtrack). Yep, they have an anime now. So that’s why the post is so short. MEHEHEHEHE.

Alright CYA.



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