Stumble, but move on.


Hello people, once again Koibumi will be the song for tonight. It’s cos I finally finished it.

The moment where a piece ends is one of the most satisfying things, and also one of the saddest. The significance of the end of something is, I feel, one we overlook all too often.

The end signifies a new start, Yet it signifies the discontinuation of something else. That it is over, and there is nothing more. As I played the last note to the song for the first time, a tear literally came to my eye. I felt the end.

Honestly  I feel sad about having ended the song. It gave me so much to do, so much to work on, was so much a part of my practice and my time. It consumed me.

But I’m glad because my journey with this song was fantastic. I grew so much, and I learnt so much. In fact I think I should analyze it more, because I haven’t truly learnt all the techniques and theory within this arrangement by Animenz.

Well, I’ve been thinking about where I can go from here, and since, I’ve been staying with Rewrite soundtrack for so long, I shall do one or two more.

This isn’t finalized, but I just thought that it’d be fitting (and fun) to learn the opening song, Journey. I have the score to it in my clear folder, and I guess it’s time to take it out. With Koibumi done, I feel like I have the ability to handle this song.

Yep, I’ve been reflecting on so much the past few days. Its all good. Time to fly again!



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