Stumble, but move on.

New Wallpaper!

Mehehe, reckoned it deserved its own post.

See, the background pic changed. Yay for me =D. Really liked Kimi No Na Wa (君の名は)so yeah. It also makes for a beautiful wallpaper so it’s also my com’s wallpaper right now. XD.

So this week is the last week I’m on standby and… NO ACTIVATION. YAY. Though there were a few mock ones. At least I didn’t have to get back to camp. Yay me.

And well, I’ve been down and out for my musical endeavours until recently.

Like I felt no motivation whatsover, to keep going on. But after seeing my friends play, I’ve been inspired to pick myself up from this camping point in my musical career and move on again, this time with renewed vigour. I think I really need to re-read some of the music books I bought, especially The Art Of Practicing. That book revolutionized the way I practiced, and I haven’t exactly been putting that into good use recently.

Let’s talk about my band. I’ve not been connected with them for the past month, mainly because I’ve been tied down by the army. LIKE REALLY. There were also days where I didn’t want to go to prac, so I told them I wasn’t gonna come. I was going through one of my musical “camping” points. I felt uninspired and it showed on the first time I decided I had to come back to band prac.

Since then I went to Animenz’s concert, then met up with Yu Hng a few times, listened to him before my lesson with my piano teacher starts (he often comes to her for lessons before me anyway, so those coincidences allow me to listen to him play his pieces) and then my friend who just started scales on the guitar, Raymond.

Listening to these three people play, opened up my mind to something so obvious, so plain, that I’m shocked I didn’t notice. Or more like, I was caught in my own world of struggles to realize (or remember, since I did realize this long ago).


Listening to Animenz, as he cried on stage after the last song, hearing all his struggles he had on the piano through his stories on youtube…

Listening to Yu Hng, the pianist who inspired me to do so much, to progress so much and to work so hard to reach where he’s at. The pianist who started my journey. He struggles too. He also wants to go somewhere higher, and it isn’t easy.

Lastly, listening to Raymond play, the guitarist I uplifted unknowingly, through my short lessons with him in camp back when we stayed in.. He now knows so much more about music. Even though he just started scales, he’s already on his way to higher places as well. Most importantly, he struggles too.

But we all love music. And we all so dearly want to be closer to it, to become it’s engine and to become it’s bearer. To bring joy, sadness, and all those wonderful emotions to others.

It’s beautiful. But nothing beautiful comes without struggle.

So yeah, I’m poised to move forward, and I will move again. Thanks for reading guys, and see you all next week.



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