Stumble, but move on.

Overloading myself?

The more I think about it the more I feel like I am. 4 things to settle a week, and I don’t have the time to do them properly. Mostly, I can do 2 or max 3 (although 3 is a stretch, often compromising work quality) well a week.

Well ok let me list the 4 things first before anyone gets too lost.

  1. My classical piano lessons, which include scales, arpeggios, Hanon, 1 song from a book, 1 song of my choice and theory. Usually on Tues or Fri.
  2. My jazz-pop piano lessons, which are every Sunday. Usually I’m required to prepare an arrangement of a song or practice applying new theory.
  3. My band, which I neglect quite a bit, and try to wing it. In addition to this, I usually try to hone my guitar skills before showing up, so that means a whole slew of other things like scales, arpeggios, and coming up with accompaniment lines for the songs. Despite this being the largest commitment I have among the 4, I still don’t give it the time and love it deserves, because honestly, I feel like I don’t progress as much doing this. I don’t know, but I feel like the results from doing this are more abstract than I think is, therefore I can’t say that it’s a waste of time because it obviously isn’t.
  4. Japanese, which more often than not takes precedence over my band prep. Maybe it’s cos of  my love for the country, or my desire to live there, but sometimes I take it wayyyy more seriously than I should. Despite taking a watered down, slower and laid-back course, I still find myself short of time to do anything else after studying and practising this. Oh well.

If you’re wondering why I listed these out, I want to be clear myself, of what I need to do instead of randomly flailing and milling about in my week with no clear goal.


These are listed in their level of ACTUAL importance. Soooo… yeah. So when Japanese takes precedence over the rest during this period, I feel… like I’m not productive. Yeah. Sometimes I think I just need to take a chill pill and try to focus on 2 things a week. Maybe that’s what I should do.

Exams are coming soon, so yeah, I gotta prep for it. Still awaiting my Grade 5 Theory paper results. Not really too concerned with it because I’m confident that I passed pretty well. It wasn’t too difficult a paper.

Well, this week is sorta like a lull for me to take a step back and refocus. I’m not tired or anything, just feeling like I need to give time to myself to relax, and also maybe consider permanently putting my Japanese on the back end of all of my endeavours. Because honestly, it’s the least important.

But there’s a difference between importance and urgency. Even though there’s something more important you should be doing, the one that’s more urgent should still take precedence. So yeah, I guess I am doing the right thing, just that I feel so disconnected from music because of the long hours I spent on Japanese.

Ok man, gotta go, my Dad is probably coming down for breakfast.

If you’re still here, thanks for listening to my rant. I love you =P.


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