Stumble, but move on.


These few days have been pretty rough. I feel really tired and worn out. I almost just want to take a long break from all my lessons and my commitments, and come back next year. It’s already nearly halfway to November and I’m feeling a bit tired of the long sprint to the finish this year.

Maybe it’s also something else. Like how today, all I’ve been doing is sitting at home and playing guitar and piano aimlessly.

I like days like this, but when it gets too long, its hard to keep up with staying in the same environment the whole time. In about half and hour I’ll be moving out to take my finals for Japanese. The first paper of 3. Listening Comprehension, Kanji and Dictation.

Pretty straightforward, and I’m guessing the paper won’t be too hard due to the fact that it’s meant to let working adults pass.

Yeah I’m tired. Tired of the same bullshit happening every day, tired of having my life have colour then fade to monotone again.

But how do I properly rest? I mean I’m doing the things I love, just that I’m sprinting like hell. The pace sometimes is too much to bear. Loading thing after thing on me, I think I’m like a camel waiting for the last straw to break it’s back.

Is meeting my old buddies the answer? Or is it taking time to appreciate life as it is, without all the computers, handphones and other nonsense? I really don’t know. Can someone give me an answer?

Oh well, I guess I’ll find my own way around it. For now, I will try my best to finish this last sprint to the finish line, then take a good break before the next year starts. And oh boy, will next year be an eventful one.



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