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My Premature Year-End Review.

Hi guys, this post is here to share my thoughts on the year. My goal today was to do some goal setting and reflection on what I’ve done this year. Initially I wasn’t intending to do a blog post, but I thought I might as well just get one in while doing the review here. At least give you guys something to read I guess…?

So… why now?

Because the last of my exams have ended. My Japanese Internal Exam. Hence it marks the conclusion of all my endeavours this year.

So what did I do well?

Hmm… I guess a number of things.

One of them was to persevere. I guess I relied a lot on this blog to vent out my frustrations and sadness. Oh well, gotta do it somehow, seeing as complaining to my friends would be a socially unacceptable kind of thing to do anyway. So if you guys wanna hear me complain about my endeavours being too hard and how I feel life is so hard, please, continue reading my blog because there’s a lot more where that came from LOL.

Also on the topic of perseverance, I stuck through with my goals. There were many nights where I just didn’t want to play and was tired of music, but I got to the other side eventually. That in itself is an achievement.

Okay, so moving on to the more tangible achievements, this year.

  1. I did my grade 5 theory and did well (Distinction)
  2. I got my busking license with my band
  3. I probably passed my Japanese EOYs (not out yet but pretty sure I did ok)
  4. I completed Koibumi, an Animenz piece
  5. I started arpeggios on my guitar

Overall my technique and musicality improved. I am a more positive person when it comes to facing setbacks, thanks largely to this blog for letting me talk myself out of my moodiness every time I feel like giving up.

Well ok, if there’s some things that can be improved, it’ll be the following.

  1. I NEED TO EXERCISE (got a bit of a belly developing)
  2. My habits in camp are bad (e.g. buy sweet drinks, use social media and play HP games all day)
  3. Time spent on social media too much (kinda like the first point but includes what I do at home)
  4. SOMETIMES compromising on quality of work

The most pressing concern is my need to exercise. Since last year, I’ve put it on the backburner for a while to focus on my musical endeavours. Right now, I think I need to put it on the NO EXCUSES list. It’s something I need to do before things get out of hand. 1 and 2 are related to each other cos overall I’m a more unhealthy person than I was in JC.

About 3, well, I’m working on that. I realized that I developed the habit of swiping through my facebook feed A LOT. And the way I realized this was by observing how many times I took out my handphone and swiped through. It was something like once every few minutes, as if things would’ve changed during that short period of time. So I decided to do a no Facebook rule except at stipulated rest times. Don’t really know whats stipulated tho, just when I feel it’s appropriate.

Ok, for 4, I’m a perfectionist, but I’m and impatient one. HAHAHA. So yeah, maybe when I face difficult problems, I should just take my time to do a good job if it isn’t pressing to finish it by a certain time. I must cultivate a good attitude to do everything right the first time, no matter how much time it takes.

So yeah, exciting times ahead, I see clearly now the things I have done right and those I need to improve on further. There’ll probably be another year-end post after this, but for now, I’d like to say that 2016 has been a fruitful year for me. I will meet 2017 with renewed vigour after my short reprieve in December. I earned it. =D

OH and AFA is coming next week, so that’s really exciting =P.



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