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MOARE Goal Setting.

Note: here’s a more elaborate post than the previous one. Its basically an expansion of it, and it’s more of me just musing to myself about what I should and should not do next year.

Hey guys here’s a goal setting post to get my mind rolling on what I want to do better for next year and the things that I have yet to do. Again, I thought you guys would be interested, so I’m posting it here. Well, let’s get cracking.

Musical Goals

I feel like I have advanced tremendously throughout this year. It’s been a roller coaster ride, there were many times that I felt like giving it all up. So this year, I achieved:



  1. Better chord voicings, improvisations
  2. Finished Koibumi
  3. Grade 5 Theory
  4. Better Finger and Hand Independence
  5. Better grasp of key changes and theory

What I can do better:

  1. Improve sight reading
  2. Improve my ears to hear inversions and chords better. Especially when the harmony is not clear (use Ear Trainer App)
  3. Improve my arrangement skills (arrange more, no arrangements done this year man)
  4. Compose
  5. Better technique (curve fingers and keep fingers close to keyboard while moving)



  1. Arpeggios and CAGED SYSTEM
  2. Better melodic sense
  3. Economy Picking
  4. Understanding the fretboard better

What I can do better:

  1. Arpeggios and CAGED
  2. Melodic sense
  3. Fretboard familiarity and spontaneity
  4. Licks licks and more licks! Complete all the courses you bought!!!

Overall Musical Goals:

  1. RECORDING. So important, yet I always put it on hold
  2. Get a new band, because I think my current one is not gonna get me anywhere
  3. Grade 6 Theory, G3 Piano Practical
  4. Better rhythmic sense (with the help of a metronome)


I feel overall, my Japanese has improved quite a bit, for the amount of things I have to handle anyway. I love the language, and I don’t think I’d ever stop learning it. But, it has to be on the back end of all my endeavours, because I want to be a musician. It just has to be that way.

Things I can do better:

  1. Make a conscious effort to practice the language as and when possible ( I feel that’s the only way I can improve with the limited time I have)

Exercise and Diet

Well I kinda failed in this department. So I don’t have anything much to say about whether I improved or not. So nothing achieved here. I deteriorated in fact.

What I can do better:

  1. Exercise regime (implementing now, so gotta keep it up. Following a free workout plan from Jordan Yeoh, check his website out to receive free emailed workouts every day)
  2. Control sugar intake (too much Koi, Starbucks and bottled drinks. I gotta replace all these with more wholesome drinks like milk, juice and mostly water)


I must say, I have been contributing to a large part of my family’s total expenditure, as much as I wish not to admit it. I am spoilt, and always looking out for things to buy. In general I’ve cultivated a bad habit of not looking for cheaper alternatives, and only wanting the best, highest quality option out there, not considering the hole it burns into my wallet or my family’s.


  1. Having a fixed budget for leisure and recreational stuff
  2. Cut down on expenditure on drinks (which relates to my previous point that I’ve been taking in too much sugar)
  3. Have the habit of looking for alternatives before settling on a particular solution
  4. Consider the need to purchase anything, and classify them as need or greed items

Spiritual and Social-Skills Development

For this section, I would say I developed myself spiritually pretty well during my NS. I learnt many things like, how to not take things for granted, and to appreciate that the world is beautiful. Also, I became stronger mentally, to accept the circumstances I face and meet them head on more positively (albeit with some complaining).

However, I have noticed that despite this I am still a hot-tempered person. This coming year I would like to take a step back and develop a few good habits.

  1. When angry or upset, try to pull back from the situation and not explode so quickly. Breathe deep and calm yourself down before addressing the issue at hand.
  2. Try to be more sensitive to other’s feelings. I tend to make hurtful or demeaning comments without holding back.
  3. Be more accepting of things I cannot change.

Next up, I think I need to allocate days where I rest and do whatever my brain wants me to do. For now, I have set Sunday as a day of comtemplation and reflection, as well as relaxation. But I feel it’s not enough, so I’ll set a rest day on a weekday to help with this. I am thinking of Wednesday, since it’s in the middle of the week and I can afford to have it because there are no direct and pressing deadlines to meet for my classes.

Bearing in mind that it is a day to free my mind from the disciplined regime it’s gotta handle throughout the rest of the week, I would continue my work if I am in the mood for it.

So yeah. Just to give my life more colour, instead of going all out and burning out every time, then making an emo blog post to release the tension, then realizing the tension is still not released, then proceeding to nua for 3 to 4 days in a row. Not good, Kevin.


So yeah, here’s an in-depth reflection and goal-setting post. I hope that next year I will have a clearer mind to attack whatever life throws at me more effectively.

2017 here I come.


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