Stumble, but move on.

Hellos and Goodbyes.


Hi guys, today has been a bit of a rough day for me, but nevertheless I feel pretty okay.

Today I offended a friend, by commenting on something insensitively. In the situation she was in, she ended the friendship in her anger. I’m not sure if it’ll get back to the way it was before, and for a great part of today it really affected me.

So now I’ll just discuss for a full post how I feel that friendships are all fleeting and are rarely kept alive.

So many of our relationships with others are so ephemeral and weak. It almost feels like there’s no point.

Indeed there is no point in cultivating something that we will never grow, but the possibility of forever always keeps us going for more. Our hopes are pinned on uncertainty and most of the times they fail us.

Yet we need such relationships to move us forward. Humans need acceptance. Humans want recognition from one another and that’s now more an instinct than a need. In our society today, I feel, there is no real need for having deep relationships with anyone. It is our primal instinct that drives us to crave company.

Then there’s the argument that there’s more to it than just chemicals in our head telling us what to do. But it’s merely a construct to justify our emotions.

I personally believe that relationships with others help us enjoy our walk towards inevitable death better. I love my best friends dearly and I’d hate to lose them. I feel like I owe them so much, yet gave them so little.

And so, I foolishly support the theory that there’s more to friends than just what we can explain scientifically, out of my own selfishness. Because I want to be happy.

So… that’s my conclusion. I know it’s going one whole round to say something simple, but I feel a bit jumbled in my thoughts now, with all that has happened today.


A small update though. I’m booking in tonight, and next week I have a duty, so it’ll be a bit busier than usual. I just went for a checkup on my wisdom tooth, and they found that I don’t have any above my gum. Hence, I will have no long-term MC in March. Which means more army. Not that it matters much, but I’d rather be at home.

Yeah, it’s exactly 2 months away from ORD now. I feel it, but I wish it came faster. Oh  well, I can only wait now.

Anyway, see you guys at the end of the week. I’m gonna give my goals my all this week and update you guys on my progress again. Good day to you sirs.


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