Stumble, but move on.

Silent evening.

Hi guys, doing a bit of reflection on book-in day again.

I’m feeling okay I guess. But then again I feel like a bit sian, as I am probably going to have to do this quite a few more times before I am eventually free. The wait is suddenly so unbearably long, but the end is undoubtedly close.

Besides the usual blues, I’m actually just looking forward to clearing this week because after that,my duties for this month will be clear, and I’ll be looking forward to March where I’ll clear off and leave. Work weeks will be much shorter, like 3 days or something. Looking forward to that.

I’m pretty sour about not having my wisdom tooth MC. For those who don’t know, NSFs usually have wisdom tooth extractions before they ORD, and they get a ton of time off from camp. I don’t have that luxury because my wisdom teeth have not grown out a single bit. So… I’m stuck in camp.

But it’s okay, because in NS, among other things, we learn to accept things as they are. That some things are beyond your control and the only way forward is to suck it up and look forward to better days.

I want to stay at home forever and never go back there, where bullshit is abound.

But, I have to move on. The end is nigh, I just have to grit my teeth and get through it.

Let’s talk about my goals, shall we.

I remember making two posts, pretty elaborate ones, on my resolution for this year. So far, I feel like I’m a bit off target, so I’m taking a bit of time off my schedule to refocus my goals. Specifically, I don’t utilize my time in camp to the fullest. I find that I like to get lost in my dramas and YouTube videos, to escape reality. Yeah, it’s a coward’s way of making stay-in time pass faster, but, I really should be using my time a bit more fruitfully.

Maybe I should start off with spending more time reading and studying my Japanese. And more time on the guitar I don’t use quite as effectively as I should in camp.

And I’ve been cutting down a bit on the sweet drinks. Now it’s like, my morning Teh. Been avoiding all the sweet drinks in the cookhouse. But usually I have to go to Starbucks to study, and that throws my sweet drink abstinence out of the window. But I’d say it’s a wee bit better than last year.

But well, my exercise regime is atrocious. I need to restart again. Have not exercised in the past month other than my NS PT.

So, yeah, off to a bit slow a start, but I’m motivated to get somewhere. Let’s see what this year holds.

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