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Back From Japan!

Hi guys! I’m back from the land of the rising sun!

It’s been a long time since I posted, but yeah, basically I’ve ORDed and I went to Japan for a good 20 over days. 18 April to 10 May. I touched down yesterday at about 1235am.

ORD happiness aside, I miss Japan a lot right now. Like a tugging feeling of wanting to go back. I guess this is what it feels like to leave something you just fell in love with right? No matter, I can always go back anytime I have holidays, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

That said, I’d like to dedicate the next few days to putting up an elaborate review of my experiences here. That means uploading photos and stuff (although I am pretty lazy I shall force myself!)

I’d like to split the trip into multiple posts, so that I properly record down all the experiences and feelings I had. At first I brought a diary to pen my thoughts down there, but then we got lazy so there’s one slipshod entry right there. I find writing down my thoughts in a book way more awkward than typing them here, though they’re probably much the same thing.

Actually I wanted to blog a post on the trip tonight, but pressing issues have been keeping me busy till now.

Let’s just say they’re family issues, and that they’re probably not good to put up on a public site. You could ask me though. I probably would tell you if you’re able to read my blog already anyway.

OKAY. Enough emo. So how the next few days are going to pan out is that, I will type (within memory) all the experiences I had at each location. So this will mean that I will have a few posts in chronological order of my trip, and I wouldn’t put all of them out at once because I want them to be as elaborate as possible.

I feel like this has been an important milestone in my life, because it’s now that I truly realize my love for Japan. As a tourist anyway, but I really like what I see so far. Maybe I might live there and work there, but I haven’t seen the uglier side of the country yet, and that gives me enough reason to stay in SG for the moment.

That said, I have really beautiful memories of the place, and the photos will really show that.

Honestly, I’m really lazy about uploading photos, because I need to transfer them to the computer before uploading one by one, but I think a detailed record of my first time in Japan is well worth the few days of work I need to put in to make it. Besides, I like blogging anyway, and have been doing so since 6 years ago.

Well, I hope you enjoy the next few posts I will put up here within the next few days. Maybe I’ll wake up early tomorrow to blog! It’s 10 already so I have about an hour before I need to sleep. Since Japan is 1 hour ahead from us, it’s pretty easy for me to sleep early and wake up early now, and I’m not about to break that good habit.




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