Stumble, but move on.

On self-worth.

Hi guys, just a reflection on the above topic. Recently I hit a dip in self-esteem due to certain… events that have happened. But then I realized that I was again looking for approval from others, and being overly dependent on that for happiness.

Since it’s been a few weeks of uni, I feel like I’ve gotten a good grasp of what it’s ROUGHLY about. I say roughly because I haven’t started on projects yet, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll need to go much faster than this once school really kicks in.

But a word on self-worth. I feel like it’s a self-perpetuating thing that either spirals upwards or horribly downwards.

When you’re on a roll, you feel like everything is going right, and you’re like on top of the world.

But then when you start being conscious of what you’re doing to get others to like you and depend on that, then it becomes like a little competition where you’re just trying to win over everyone with your carefully calculated moves and then failing, then going deeper and deeper into the hole you keep digging.

I honestly feel, we need to be ourselves, and let that attractive self be the one that decides what you should do. People naturally gravitate to those who are happy and those who have nothing to prove. Once you start trying to prove yourself, you just fall short.


It’s easier said than done, and I’m pretty sure I’ve addressed this in the past before. But it’s what we should be doing. By reminding ourselves every day, maybe we just might find that self-acceptance and self-esteem we all search for.


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