Stumble, but move on.

Quiet Saturday Night.

As I “rest” today and spend time away from school, I feel like I’m able to breathe a bit better and work on stuff that I really care about a bit more.

Today was just me and my laptop against the mountain of work I’m supposed to complete. To be fair, there’s much less because we are expected to wrap up our projects and start revision for our finals but I’m not really done with projects yet. I still have a presentation on Monday, which is relatively MUCH easier to prepare than those I’ve done so far. But yeah, still not done with 2 projects at this point in time, 2 weeks before finals.

But I’m happy, though I must say around this time I really lost a lot of steam that I had at the start of the term. Which is cause for reflection. I kind of stopped giving two shits about my next presentation to be honest. The quality of my work and my study suffered because of all the projects I had to prepare prior.

And that’s kind of who I am. I lose steam pretty quickly and need frequent breaks from the material that I am studying to be effective. But I got to work around this somehow. Like have goals in a day, complete them and pursue my personal goals.

Cos I realized that each day gets more and more monotonous as I lose touch with what I enjoy. For example, I can’t study Japanese or Music theory as effectively because my mind is so bombarded with my school work.

I can still play guitar and piano but I tend to lose the discipline I was able to put forth for before University began. It’s like, you know, after working so hard at something, you just don’t wanna work on anything more, especially the things you love.

So today was a time for reflection and re-focus. I got a good amount of work done today, and also balanced my other goals’ progress with it. And as I sit here on a quiet, tranquil Saturday night I feel kind of at peace finally for the first time in a long while. Deadlines are still coming, but the burden of projects have been eased.

So I went ahead and bought a workout plan from ATHLEAN-X. To recommit myself to a healthier me. And I worked a bit on my guitar stuff today. So yay, I’m moving even a little bit.

On a side note, I’m pretty screwed for Japanese finals, but at this point I got to prioritize my studies first. Anyway it’s not like I’m gonna continue with this school anymore.

Yeah just a quiet night, and I’m enjoying the atmosphere. Living in the moment.

I still miss her though. I got nowhere else to say this so I decided I’ll just write here now. Tuesdayyyy~

Yeah I shouldn’t be so desperate right HAHA.

Oh well. I’ll just leave this post at that. With renewed vigour, I shall press on.


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