Stumble, but move on.

Reflections: My First University Term

Hi guys, I wanted to start this morning off with looking back and moving forward. As is customary with this blog, I would pen down my own thoughts about the previous milestone, and try to see if there were things that I could do better in future.

For those who aren’t familiar, I have just finished my first term of Business Management in SMU. In other words I’m half done with my academic terms for my first year, and will be embarking on the next term in 2 weeks.

So I just got my results back 2 days ago, and I’d say it was pretty good. Not as good as I could’ve done if I had studied a little smarter, but better than I expected. I’m in pretty good standing for the next term.

So lets talk about what I did wrong.

I think one of the major problems was how I didn’t pace myself early on. I think that that’s the biggest flaw in my first term. I committed to too many things and I went full speed like a mad perfectionist in both my homework, and my quizzes.

To be honest, I spent waaaayyy too much time on studies and I never gave much to the rest of my life. And that hurt me because I was burnt out by the time projects had finished, only to end up jumping into the fire that is Finals.

This leads me to the second thing that I did wrong. I made the right call to start revision early. But I didn’t study smart. Especially for Financial Accounting, where I could’ve most certainly gotten an A had I studied smarter.

For skill-based subjects, I’ve found it would be more productive to skim through the chapters, then do the practice papers, and then work on the holes in your concepts. I didn’t follow my professor’s advice and this cost me a lot. I was really afraid of the paper, and all, but fortunately, I got a B+. Not too shabby but it could’ve been much better. A lesson for the future.

The things I did right… Luckily this list is longer than the previous HAHA.

Firstly, I’d like to pat myself on the back for being much more positive throughout the term. I did falter towards the end of my projects and just before finals, but I feel that I’ve been positive towards situations where I would have otherwise broken down in the past. I think part of it is maturity of thought, and part of it was the huge support I got from my friends. Either way, I hope to keep this mentality moving forward.

Secondly, I gave everything my all despite the overwhelming amount of work. No matter how tired I was, I made sure that all my stuff was done before I slept, and thankfully, I never had a night where I stayed up for work past 1am. In any case, there were few days where I lacked sleep, and I believe this helped me to concentrate on my school work.

I learnt how to prioritize my work too. Like how I decided to give up on my other endeavours for school work, and also quit the things that weren’t working out for me (Sound Foundry Rotational Training). To be honest this was the biggest hurdle for me, because I’m someone who wants everything. But I’m glad I prioritized my work towards the end. I think keeping the mentality that the less urgent things matter less and that I can always do them later on is important because sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting these pursuits when really, I’m just putting them on hold for more urgent matters.

So I hope that going forward I will learn from my strengths and work on the areas I fell short. Pacing is important, as I realize now that my work ethic of start strong finish weak isn’t the best.

Oh and I might reflect more on this in the coming weeks and post something more. For now I’m just planning and prioritizing my stuff, and thinking about my music diploma and all (more on my future plans in another post).

So yeah, hope you guys have a Merry Christmas (today’s the Eve wow) and happy holidays! Cya again!


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