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2017 Reflection: Looking Back and Ahead.

Hey guys its close to the end of the year and I’m just sitting here in the middle of the night blogging. In my comfy new chair, with a very content heart.

Looking Back: What I did well, what could be done better.

2017’s been amazing for me. NS ended (still can’t believe its the same year) and I entered uni, met really good friends and did very well for my exams. I formed a band from an online forum the previous year, quit it because it didn’t work out, and found a new band after. I performed a few times over the course of the year and improved myself significantly. I also got a really good grade for my N4 exam. I exercised and lost a LOT of weight. I really couldn’t ask for more. I am grateful for what’s been given to me, and I’m glad I worked hard for everything that I set out to achieve.

Whilst I’m not one to buy a lot of stuff constantly, I still feel like my spending is more to the slightly higher side. So that’s kind of a bummer, because I really enjoy buying good stuff.

So that’s the main thing I gotta focus on in the coming years. I’d say, I have a lot of books and games in my room and my com that I haven’t got around to finishing, but yet I still buy more. It’s like, the retail therapy addiction yaknow. I love to buy new stuff. Who doesn’t right HAHA.

Yeah and I love Starbucks, so I end up spending quite a bit on coffee.

So, what are the things I gotta get round to doing to improve my spending habits?

Hmm for one, maybe try to choose the cheaper option for food more. Since I’m often in the central area (cos duh SMU) of Singapore, I can easily drop 12 dollars or more on a single meal (coffee and Food Republic for example). So maybe I don’t always need that extra coffee if I’m at Food Rep, maybe just buy some water to get me through the day. It’s so tempting though to just splurge on drinks. =/ bad habits die hard. Oh but I do buy water instead of sugar drinks a lot more often now, and I’m attributing my massive weight loss to my switch to coffee, tea and water as my main beverages. Good on ya Kevin.

With leisure spending, I don’t spend often but I do spend a lot at one go. So, say, there’s a sale, I’d buy like 3 games or 2 books, and sometimes when there isn’t a sale, I’d just buy some stuff too. So, I think one solution to this is to just try and avoid sales unless I have a specific thing I want. Or just be more careful about considering the value of my purchases, or whether or not I really need that many things. To be honest I’ve not been buying a lot of guitar stuff, but I did spend a lot on virtual instruments, and I will probably end up buying another keyboard, audio interface and microphones in the foreseeable future. Each of those purchases can cost from a few hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars. I think I should consider my needs and current equipment more objectively before making my purchases.

Looking Ahead.

I was actually halfway this post last night, before I went to play some games with my friends. Anyway, let’s take a look at what I plan to do in the future.

  1. Continue with the good stuff: Japanese, Piano and Studies.

This coming year, I’ll be focusing more on these 3 aspects of my life. Notice how I didn’t put in guitar: that’s right, I have to mill down my responsibilities, and I guess guitar can’t be as big a priority as I’d like it to be. To be honest this was a very tough decision for me, but I think for this year and the coming years, I’ve got to concentrate on piano.

Here’s why. I’m planning to get some credentials in music before I graduate. So that means I’ve got to choose an instrument to work on for my certification. I’ve thought about classical guitar, or just rock guitar. But I realized while I certainly can get those grades later on, right now the piano is not only more profitable (in Singapore its more recognised for now), its necessary to have keyboard skills in whatever field you choose in music anyway. And, I’ve been playing for 4 years now, so, I’m in a good position to move ahead with it. The aim is to get a DipABRSM and another diploma from SOMA in Music Production and Songwriting. Hopefully this will give me a solid foundation to start teaching or getting work in the music industry.

For Japanese, if I can take N3 this coming year, I would. I’m not rushing this though, but I should be able to finish N3 and N2 by the end of my uni term hopefully. This allows me to prepare for my other dream which is to stay in Japan for a while. Sooo that with my business degree should be good enough to allow me that luxury.

Oh and continue exercising regularly of course. Not neglecting my workouts so that I can have a healthy body and mind for my work.

With that in mind, I hope 2018 will be just as fruitful as 2017.

2. Improve on myself.

There were some things I mentioned while Looking Back that I gotta improve. I’m going to work on my work ethics, and of course my spending habits. Also, being more confident of myself, and getting out there and actually talking to girls. I find that if I really like someone, I’d be really afraid of texting them, and sometimes a bit afraid to in real life. It’s funny how my problems are the reverse of most people, cos text is so much more convenient and all. I guess I hate waiting on their replies and the disappointment that comes with it.

Yeah, so that’s a brief summary of what I plan to do in the coming years. I think I’ll expand more on my musical studies in another post. All the nitty-gritty technical stuff.


Alright cya guys in the next one. Happy holidays and hope you guys had a fruitful 2017.


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