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Reflections: Week 2, Semester 2


Hi guys, its the end of week 2 of term 2, and this is where everything starts to pick up. So I went through 2 weeks of school, and honestly, I don’t feel like studying still. I’m moving along, but I still have some sort of adverse feeling to studying. Anyway! Finally a nice song for the first post since the start of the term! I like this medley, and you guys should seriously check it out. Gives me the feels man. Anyway!

Allow me to reflect on the week’s happenings.

Basically, I’ve shifted my focus over to my side stuff instead of my studies in these few weeks. While making sure I met deadlines for small admin stuff and homework, much of the rest of my time was devoted to exercising and playing music. Oh and a bit of Japanese. So I feel as if I need to start shifting my focus to my studies again, but I need to do so in a gradual and balanced manner. Perhaps to get more work done, I should stay more in school and allow myself time to rest when I get back home after doing all the work.

With that being said, I did do pretty well in what I set out to do, which is cut down my activities, and prioritize. For one, I have been exercising fairly consistently, not entirely sticking to schedule, but not stopping for more than 2 days (I allow myself a bit more rest at times due to the fact that my nutrition and busy days don’t allow for that intense a workout regime without leading to fatigue or illness). So I did pretty well on that. My nutrition still needs some work though, and I am looking into alternatives to make sure I get enough energy and protein to go about my day.

I have narrowed down my musical commitment to just piano, and have found more joy and happiness just focusing on one instrument where I feel the most enabled with. Sure, I still play the guitar, but I believe that the piano is the instrument that speaks to me the most. However, I need to sight-read more, and I have not been faithful to my resolution to sight-read at least 30 min a day. I will get to that in the coming weeks. Oh, and compose more. I haven’t done anything concrete since I finished From The Ashes (sorta finished, but too lazy to make it better)

Lastly, I’ve not been doing much for Japanese. With one instrument out of the way, and one more lesson struck off by the end of the month (I’m ending my Sunday play by ear lessons and keeping my classical lessons every Friday), I should have more time for this. As most of the practice should be done both passively and actively, I can work to increase my passive practice of the language due to my lack of time. As a rule of thumb, I will be incorporating some Japanese blogs, and watch/consume more Japanese media in the coming weeks. Let’s see how it goes.

So to summarize, what I will do:

  1. Finish more work in school, and start focusing on doing my assignments right
  2. Make healthier eating choices, and reduce caffeine intake
  3. Sight read 30 min a day, and start composing
  4. Increase consumption of Japanese media, and start practicing using blogs and messages

Yep, its still not an easy schedule to follow, and I think I will have to drop even more commitments to make all of this happen. Currently, the only commitment I have left hanging besides all of this is my band. Honestly I don’t know what to do with them. For one, they allow me to practice and further my repertoire, but for another, I don’t really care for a lot of the songs that they play, and it requires a lot of time to do well.

Then again my bandmates would cite that they are busier than me. I don’t really think so, it’s just a matter of priorities. I prioritize different things from them, and hence have either the same amount of time or less time than them to myself. But oh well forgive me for ranting, but it seems like everyone likes to compare how much busier they are than you, and sorta feel entitled to your attention or devotion just because you seem to have less “official” commitments than them. Oh well.

Enough complaining. It’s almost time to start a new week. Time to hustle.

P.S. I blogged because I felt really lazy to do anything, and felt that it’ll help me re-align myself to be clear of my goals.



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