Stumble, but move on.

Reflections: Week 5 Semester 2

Hi guys, didn’t realize its been 3 weeks since I last updated.

A little bit about how life has been going. About a week ago I submitted two of my first major assignments for 2 mods. I feel okay about them, but I feel like this term I haven’t worked nearly as much as the last.

I’ve been playing with my band too. Its been good being the keyboardist, but I’ve consistently found difficulty in making parts that fit with the overall vibe. I might find a way, I might not. But for now, I just wanna play, don’t really wanna think so much.

For my training, I’ve made leaps and bounds. I have more stamina, I have a much lower fat percentage, and I have been eating relatively well. If there’s one thing I should be keeping watch of, is the consistency at which I train, and of course the amount of food I eat. I realized now, that caffeine is a bit of a problem, as I have about 2 cups of tea and 1 cup of coffee a day. I’m trying to cut out the coffee, but it’s pretty tempting every time I am out. But overall, I have been focusing a lot of energy into this, and its about time I shift my focus to my studies, as mid-terms are coming. On a side note, I can finally see my abs coming out xD its a proud moment.

I have been neglecting my Japanese studies, but it’s fine really, since I’ve been concentrating on so many things at once. I will get back into Japanese media as soon as I finish up my mid terms revision.

So yeah just a quick update post, and a very, very messy state of mind. Today has just been tiring for me, hope you guys understand. Hopefully I will wake up more productive and focused tomorrow, because today I spent a lot of time not feeling very good because I had to study but also spend time on music and Japanese. So my mind was torn in between all of it, and I kind of felt really unproductive in everything.

For now, I will be shifting my focus wholly on my mid terms, and keeping up with my exercise regime. That’s all, the rest will have to wait till after the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Well, I guess I’m too tired to carry on, so I’ll leave it at that first.


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