Stumble, but move on.

The final obstacle. (lol the pun)

Hi guys, I’m feeling a bit half dead now, so I thought I’d just try to pick myself up from the ground. There’s gonna be a lot of talking to myself in this one, so hope it isn’t too awkward for you to read. xD

It’s less than 3 days to my last final exam. I’m giving up on myself, and my mind is telling me I can’t continue.

It’s like, one of those things where, you’ve suffered a lot, and since it’s the last lap, you give excuses on why you shouldn’t work your butt off anymore.

I want to tell myself now that I CAN DO IT.

Even though I feel like shit, even though everything about this term wasn’t that great, I CAN STILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW.

Pick yourself up, Kevin. Do you want to finish strong, or regret that you gave up on the last few days?

I know the whole term really drained you, but this is literally the last two days that you can make a difference, and YOU CAN. If you give up now because you’re tired, it’s such a waste since you came this far. Everyone’s tired, not just you. Everyone is doing their best, and you should too. You’re no different from them, and just keep at it. After these two days, you’ll truly be free. You want to finish this knowing that YOU FINISHED STRONG. Not giving up because of all your past failures, and just because you decided to stay on the ground when you fell.

Take a breather, do what you like for this short hour, but tonight, you’re making a difference.



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