Stumble, but move on.

Cold and alone.

Its one of those times to go inwards. Sometimes things don’t work out the way they should, mistakes were made, and sometimes, things aren’t meant to be.

Right now, I have just fallen from a high. When you’re in love, everything feels so right, until, it ends, and you’re left with nothing.

Granted, I thought the love between us went both ways, but in the end it was just me being deluded. So ends another one of my relationships with someone I fell for.

I think I wanna take a break from relationships for these few months. This was how I felt for the past few days, and I’m still in the midst of recovering from it. Bear with me guys, I need some time to pick myself up after all that’s happened! I’ll be back at it after a few weeks. I just need time alone to reflect and all before I let my heart put the matter to rest.

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