Stumble, but move on.

Stay a while.

A moment of silence between two people. One draws away and leaves as the music plays, leaving the other behind to his own thoughts. He quietly contemplates what that meant. He thought to chase after her, but briefly decided against it. A slow, drawn out melody of pain and regret. He wondered if some higher power had intended for this cruel metaphor to happen for its own amusement.

Alone, in a seemingly endless vortex of emotion, he silently looked up at the back of the stage. He wondered, briefly, if all he’d ever wanted was to be loved. “No, I am already loved,” he thought. “So why then, do I feel this longing?” He picked himself up slowly from the floor, musing to himself. He decided to leave for the room where she went.

Rejection. Loneliness, and regret. Pain and suffering. Was there happiness for him in this life? Or was it but a fleeting dream, ever so in reach, but never attainable?

He sighed as his eyes searched the room. Quickly, he spotted her chatting happily with her friend. He allowed himself a slight smile and tipped his head towards the floor. Maybe, just maybe there was no meaning to all of this at all. She smiled at him and continued her conversation with her friend. Nodding to her silently, he walked back out to the back of the stage. The heart-wrenching melody was reaching a sorrowful climax, and in that moment he realized what his heart needed all of this time.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t loved. He just didn’t love himself.  He wanted someone to love him so that he could finally come to terms with himself that he was wanted. That he wasn’t just another person passing by in another’s life. He couldn’t love himself for who he was.

The song ended and the stage was silent. He took a deep breath. A tear rolling down his cheek, he turned his back and left.

Stay with me, if even for just a little while.

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